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Business Process Innovators.

TeleSmart Solutions is a rapidly growing organization with a noticeable presence in the domestic and global business industry that provides impeccable outsourcing services with very high levels of client satisfaction. We provide B2C and B2B solutions to our clients, exceeding their requirements every time. We have expertise in Homesecurity & Automation, Energy Efficiency products, Back End Customer Services and Collections.

By outsourcing with TeleSmartSolutions, your company can benefit in many ways:


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About Us

What We Do ?

At TeleSmart Solutions, we have a competent and dedicated team that holds expertise in their area of skills to provide our customers high level of satisfaction. Our teams are dependable, coachable and adhere to high standards of performance. This is the reason that we have business clients who have been working with us for an average of more than 10 years. We build partnerships with businesses, and we understand that our growth is a derivative of growth of our partners. We adhere to compliance requirements and ensure that our employees work with high level of integrity.

We excel in Lead Generation ( B2C, and B2B ), Customer Services, Technical Support, Collection and Digital Marketing. Our teams take pride in exceeding our customers requirements. In todays competitive business scenario, where cost management is a key responsibility of the Management, we excel in providing low cost services and solutions, while maintaining and exceeding process requirements. In this sense we are partners to growth and profitability of our client organizations.

Our infrastructure in our State-of-the-art offices in Delhi and Gurugram, is upgraded to the latest technologies. We have secured company owned office spaces and our employees are well managed. Our HR policies ensure that our Employees are treated with respect and are paid well. This ensures commitment, and our attrition rates are one of the lowest in the Industry. We offer voice and non-voice outsourcing services with reliable customer-helpdesk based on our clients’ requirements.


How It Work

Call Center Solutions

"To handle calls, the support agents & helpdesk agents utilize an advanced digital tool with a power dialer feature to pull up a number quickly and dial it automatically. With smart integrations, they can simultaneously access call history, so they have the correct information before the phone rings."

"Both cost and quality are the two most important aspects on which no one wants to compromise on. That's why we are the very first preference among customers. The company executes a result-oriented process that will surely help you to grow your business and guarantee value for money. If a customer has some unique requirement, our teams go above and beyond, to meet target-specific solutions that produce remarkable results."